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Oh yeah sorry It expects there to be another level but there isn't one yet.

Thankfully I also have a good collection of sound effects so if I did work on this some more then they would be one of my first things to work on.

anyway thanks for commenting.

Feel free to leave comments on what you all think.

Really nice game i hope that you can develop it more in the future

try mine ! ;)

Wow this is cool

Nice game

I think that I'll start working on scrolling level on which you have to get to the portal at the end of the tunnel before a laser at the back catches you.  

Hi I'm going to speak in this section about what I am currently working on and what I am thinking of doing.  I would be pleased to see people respond to say what they think about the ideas. 

I really like this game.  If you worked on having more enemies, more monsters to fight with and more biomes it would be really awesome.

I would love comments on what to improve, what's wrong with the game and you want to see next