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On which version ?

On the PC version, you can edit your buttons in the launcher.

On the Android version, it is the circling arrows.

Hi ! Many thanks for your support. This game is an old project, and I don't plan to put it on steam. Sorry mate :^/

Yeah yeah... On another game maybe ^^
I wouldn't even know how to receive donations so...

Very cool experience!
Good inspirations and references :D

"fantastic" ^^
Thanks :3

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Before all, I would like to say that Teturss is a game that I made in order to have an ad-free Tetris game that I can play everywhere, and with the rules I like the most in Tetris games.

1. Sticky and Cascade Methods are indeed not implemented. The versions of Tetris I played the most does not support them and it explains why I didn't implemented them. It doesn't mean that I do not like them, it just means that I didn't find a good reason considering my Tetris experience to add them.

2. I am a huge fan of Pixel Art... And it makes me sad to see this kind of comment ^^ But I know that "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes". So what can I do about it. Sorry you do not like it :^/

3. I learned how to use Unity during my studies. Therefore I am comfortable with it, it is free, that's all I need to keep using it ^^ But yeah I understand the argument saying that it is not the most optimized software for this kind of project.

4. I started to do it, but realized I needed to create a custom file manager in order to let the user select the music he wants. It discouraged me...

5. Laziness. That's the only argument I have for my defense here ^^

I hope it answered your questions and gave you a new (or even better) point of view about my game :^)
And sorry if I seem to harsh in my sentences. It is the first project I managed to finish and publish so I'm kinda sensible about it ^^

Yeah you have to activate it :^)

It is the sexy key that do the trick, or by hitting pause and clicking the bottom left square of the pause screen.

The sexy key is 'L' by default but can be changed in the start-up "TETURSS Configuration" screen in the "Input" tab.

Hope it helped :^)

You are my first and best comment in the same time !
Thanks ! :3