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I'm deeply sorry :(

Thanks! And sadly I cannot release it on a platform where the Tetris Company sells its own products :(

Those guys sue everything they can as long as it has blocks...

Ah, bummer to see this :(
I already made the game quite easier in normal mode through the last updates but I can give you some tips!

It is a RogueLike with kept progression, therefore you can still play in easy mode, amassing resources and upgrading your skill tree before going to normal mode. It is intended to be hard at first, and being more and more easy through your upgrades.

Some characters you'll unlock are better at managing garbage than others. The more you play, the more you'll encounter unlockable characters. Up to one per run!

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Feature added to switch Horizontal mode orientation in the next 1.06.006 update! :D

I have no idea why it wouldn't work with Sekiro... I've been able to make it work with any program I used so far and nobody reported any specific program which would have this issue :|

It is. There is a high score tracking for the training mode and the old school mode :)

Yes, for highscores only tho.
I intend to finish the game before registering best runs :)

I don't think so

Woaw that's weird, all the other comments about their power say that it should be stronger xD

I'll see if I can find an in-between

New update available

It is indeed a bug linked to the refresh rate of certain devices and monitors. I'm trying to fix this right now!

Oh nice ! Ok so I have to get a 144hz monitor and try it myself !

The main issue is that I never set the input thread to only register at 60hz, and I'm afraid I'm running into a Unity issue here...

Hi, thank you for your feedbacks ! :^)

  • Sadly, I do not intend to add such a thing as a feature... I've added a scanline option since then, but that's pretty much it.
    I might give it a second thought if more people complain about it...
  • The inputs listening was based on the framerate. Therefore, high Hz monitors were having this issue. It is now fixed.
  • I've tried PPSSPP to have a better understanding of what you meant. It is indeed way more advanced than mine. I'll make it better if more people complain about my input layout not being customizable enough.
  • It is indeed something that has been complained a lot. I've fixed it thanks to the players advices.

Thanks again, and sorry if I don't always accept features from the players... I understand it is positive feedbacks in order to improve the game, but sometimes I just don't know how to do it, or I know it is going to cost me a lot of time. And I have so much things left to do ^^

Wow amazing ! Which instruments did you use ?

Nice addition :D

Ahhhhh !! Well it is good to hear that it is usable at least ^^

Then for the Hz issue, I had to make a choice. My Frequency buffer has to remain short in order to have a better reactivity and then a shorter delay for my inputs (because I can do way less math but still keep a good precision), but it means that I have a specific range which does not work for a "real Hz" calculation...

BUT ! Now that I know that it is at least usable, I'm going to start working on the "real Hz" calibration.
My only fear is that I don't get the same results AT ALL using a microphone next to my Bass Amp and using my Audio Interface... Therefore, I guess it will take some time to understand how it really works, and I might end up giving the user a setting to tweak in order to calibrate my tool the way their tuner works.

So... You mean that your only problem is that it doesn't register the exact frequency ?

Because that isn't AT ALL the point of this software...

Are you able now with the new version to bind specific notes, depending of their peaks on the spectrum, to keyboard inputs ? And is it working ?

I've already tried the website you mentioned here but didn't really care because I do not wish to isolate the perfect frequency of a note.

In your comment on the Version 1.2.0 update, I thought that the difference in frequency you were experiencing on notes made it impossible to bind keys properly.. Not that it just was offset...

Oh damn you are still having troubles with this version ? Oo
All the people I've been talking with told me this update has allowed them to resolve all their precision issues...

Don't worry I'm working on it.
This update was made for a streamer who asked for an On/Off Shortcut ^^
My goal isn't to get the exact frequency of a note, but to be able to isolate it the best way possible, and from any instrument or microphone, in order to have the most precise and reactive tool possible =)

I noted last time what you said about offering some help, but I'm really not confident enough about my work to share it like this so far sorry :/

I wanna try to make something by myself first and see if it works :)

Haha so niiiice :D

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Yes I'm using C# :)

And yes it is what I intend to do for my new way of isolating notes. 

But the order of peaks is not going to work as some notes fluctuate multiple times between different peaks. I have my ideas in mind, I just have to rework all my code...

And considering the fact that I have been working every day on this tool for free for the last three weeks, I'm going to lay down a bit...

Yeah the thing is that, I can't handle a note so far... For now, I mostly look for the highest peak of my spectrum and give its frequency.
It is really hard to get which note is played only with a sound spectrum. Even more when I have to take in account every music instruments that can be played on this tool... If it was that easy, indeed I would have done it.
I am no expert in music algorithm, and even when I tried to isolate a specific placement of peaks in order to register a note, I got results less precise than when I use the "highest peak" method sadly...

If I get new Ideas on how to precisely isolate a note from a spectrum I'll try to implement it, but so far, this is the most precise I can be... Sorry

1.2.0 is the version you are looking for ;^)

You get a set number of steps each level before being surrounded by the landlord. So yeah it is normal so far ^^

I'm working on a lot of fixes for the nerf and balancing of bosses :^)

Not for now, but this is something I have in mind for later

Thanks man ! I'll take it in consideration :D

Ok I'm now able to bind mouse moves and buttons. This feature will be in the next update ^^ Sorry to see that you worked that much on a workaround ^^

I can only assign keyboard inputs for now. The thing to understand is that my tool "send" inputs to a window, using the Win32 library. Whereas when a game records a controller, it is directly linked to this said controller. Thus, I can look into it a bit, but it might be hard

Oh ! Do you have a monitor which has a refresh rate of more than 60 FPS ? I think it is what causes the single-tap to not work. luckily, I'm updating the tool in 1.0.7 in the next hour and it should fix your issue (I guess... I hope...)

Hmm... Are your games in foreground ? Have you tried windowed and full-screen ? Is the "On-Off" button turned On ? (Sorry if my questions seem dumb, I have to ask them if I want to distance-debug ^^)

Woaw neat !

On which version ?

On the PC version, you can edit your buttons in the launcher.

On the Android version, it is the circling arrows.

Hi ! Many thanks for your support. This game is an old project, and I don't plan to put it on steam. Sorry mate :^/

Yeah yeah... On another game maybe ^^
I wouldn't even know how to receive donations so...

Very cool experience!
Good inspirations and references :D

"fantastic" ^^
Thanks :3

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Before all, I would like to say that Teturss is a game that I made in order to have an ad-free Tetris game that I can play everywhere, and with the rules I like the most in Tetris games.

1. Sticky and Cascade Methods are indeed not implemented. The versions of Tetris I played the most does not support them and it explains why I didn't implemented them. It doesn't mean that I do not like them, it just means that I didn't find a good reason considering my Tetris experience to add them.

2. I am a huge fan of Pixel Art... And it makes me sad to see this kind of comment ^^ But I know that "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes". So what can I do about it. Sorry you do not like it :^/

3. I learned how to use Unity during my studies. Therefore I am comfortable with it, it is free, that's all I need to keep using it ^^ But yeah I understand the argument saying that it is not the most optimized software for this kind of project.

4. I started to do it, but realized I needed to create a custom file manager in order to let the user select the music he wants. It discouraged me...

5. Laziness. That's the only argument I have for my defense here ^^

I hope it answered your questions and gave you a new (or even better) point of view about my game :^)
And sorry if I seem to harsh in my sentences. It is the first project I managed to finish and publish so I'm kinda sensible about it ^^

Yeah you have to activate it :^)

It is the sexy key that do the trick, or by hitting pause and clicking the bottom left square of the pause screen.

The sexy key is 'L' by default but can be changed in the start-up "TETURSS Configuration" screen in the "Input" tab.

Hope it helped :^)

You are my first and best comment in the same time !
Thanks ! :3