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This plays amazing! Love the art, the controls, and the gameplay. It would be excellent if there would be some gun upgrades as well or some power-ups. But I absolutely loved this one! Cheers!

Pretty interesting game and fun visuals! Cheers!

Thanks! :D Appreciate the feedback

Thank you! :)

Hey, yes. It was supposed to be like that, I had thought that that would be a challenge as well if the player had to time their inputs as well. And about the timing of the shots, the trick is to move out of the way after hitting one bullet and come back for the next. Although, I get what you're trying to say, it does need to be worked upon more. Thanks for your feedback. Do leave a rating:)

Yes! I had thought on those lines, for example, W for white and so on but I could not expand on it since I got this idea when just 12 hours were left. Other ideas were to put an indicator (like a dab) of the respective color on that particular side of the ship, or like a color wheel around it. Thanks for your feedback :)