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i like the theme of this game and the menu screen,  challenge added in the game is pretty interesting got me addictive for a while too, felt like if you added some power ups and some more variations in obstacles could have made more interesting, its a good work otherwise

Hello, Thank You for the feedback, glad you liked the game, yes we did wanted to improve things alot sadly we were running out of time so had to finish before deadline

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i love your concept for the theme, music pretty charming, didnt really didnt got bored at all and am kind of a person that is usually not fond of puzzle games, but this one got my attention

i like the idea of the theme though, had a little struggle in figuring out the controll to fire the ghosts, the challenge level is pretty decent, also i like the art you chose for the level, when the player is in idle state, it fires in the right direction no matter of the fact where the player is facing, i guess thats just a minor issue that can be solved, i wish you added the controlls key info at the start

Hello, Glad that you liked the game, and yes we did had plans to randomize the level,and to add more levels but due to lack of time we couldnt do that

thank you, glad that you liked i, i did wanted to make more levels though but couldnt due to lack of time

thank you for the feedback, that was helpfull points i will try to keep in mind