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Without a proper design spec it's hard for me to argue this, but in my head I was thinking of a button which creates its own UI window and injects a string property into the currently selected object without needing to hook into the formal UI itself. Your version is definitely more intuitive, though. And support for data structures would indeed render my proposed script unnecessary (assuming it supports dictionaries which can contain arrays of dictionaries... I think that's as far down as I've gone so far, I guess, but a dictionary of [data type] and array of [data type] would handle it. The UI on that could get interesting, though).

When I start a new game (1.2.2), all I see is the background stars/planets and no other layers. Am I doing something wrong?

Is it planned for the scripting to include UI functionality? Specifically, I'm interested in creating a UI to edit custom (JSON formatted) data that I use in my project. Right now I'm editing it by hand and pasting it into the desired custom property fields, but building a custom editor for it would make it much less error prone.