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Abele BC gamer

A member registered Feb 16, 2019

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OK, LOVE IT! Very nice work, guys! Im following you since Project Blockchainz and GameDev forums. Too much time quiet but it worth it!

Hi guys, I made a video of your game.
Hope you like it. I'm following you guys since Project blockchainz and this is a big improve. Congrats!

Ok, so in the second puzzle I just got stuck, line can't move. Is it maybe a bug? Like the concept game, really cool

Looks promising. I'll keep an eye on the project.

Very funny game, guys. Aesthetic is so Doom and gameplay is perfect for its purpose. I'll check your next updates!

I really like the game concept. Also art is pretty awesome. Not sure if gameplay is as good enough, but I'll give it a try. Nice job, devs.

Upvote! I like parkour.

Cool assets, simple gameplay, interesting purpose. Wanna see next updates.

This is so Medievil. Like it!

Simple and minimalist concept. Like it! I really enjoyed.

Nice update. Keep working on it.

So retro this game, LOVE it! Funny co-op. BTW, trailer is in spanish xD

I really enjoy the game. When will be the full scope game available?

Funny Gameplay. No story behind, am i wrong?


When will be available a new version of the game? Can't wait to see the improvements!

Nice work, guys! Very cool stuff. I made a video gameplay. Feel free to watch it!

By the way, when will Fallnation be released?

I made a gameplay of G-108. 

Hope you like it.

Wow, it was intense!

It is very original, good little game!

Looks promising, but I'm feeling a little difficult.