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Any more news for this project?  The tumblr hasn't had anything posted for it for nearly half a year except the announcement of Reanimation (which I'm also now watching for!), did the GUI artist ever get the menu done?  

I did, ch 3 was my favorite, you did an awesome job building up the tension.  I can't WAIT to play more.

I've only gotten part way through Chapter 2 but I just wanted to say that you can just FEEL how much love and work was poured into this game, it's really quite impressive.  I'll be keeping an eye out for the kick starter for sure.

Loved the new chapter!

oh thanks for the update.  I hope life slows down for the GUI artist soon!
Have a good day,

oh awesome!  I hope everything runs smoother for you guys.  I'll keep an eye on this, can't wait to play!

any updates on this demo?

this game was so fun and cute!

love this, can't wait for the remaining chapters!