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Does anyone know what you need to buy to get into little shop of horrors?

After talking to the Don how do you bring her to him? Or what do you do to save her from him?

Its been a few months since I've played this game.. Does anyone know of a guide? I'm kinda stuck and it woud help alot if anyone knew of one!:)

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Love the game so far! All the characters are so freaking CUTE!!! I cant wait for it to be a full game:)

Think I found something.. When you pick an outfit Mitts says "we stan a guy..." even when I have she/her picked

I reset the farm setting and still nothing:/ idk if it worked for you guy

Really cool game! Cant wait fore more to come out!

This is amazing so far! Have I flirted with everyone? Yes. Will I continue with my favs? YES! Im so sad that there is only one chapter out and I cant wait fore more to come out! Keep up the amazing work on this amazing game!

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Well... Im sad thats its over but Im so glad I played it! I just found the creator on tumblr a few days ago and saw they had a game. It was amazing! I may have cried once. Beautiful art and storyline! Ill be telling all my friends to play it!