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Imma play the game and tried downloading before and it didnt work but hopefullt it should now

Uninstall it then install another version#

Really laggy while playig and music kinda creepy! but sooo fun!! I really want to keep playing but lag id getting to me!

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Hey. Im just a younge girl who likes gaming! I watch a youtuber play this game called Laurenzside. The link to chapter one is on there! Also I have not played this for myself so if you want to play it watch this first! I have downloaded it but not played it!

RIGHT NOW IM DOWNLOADING THIS ON MY LAPTOP! I NEED THIS IN LIFE! Also please can SOMEONE make corpse party on this as I need to play that game but I cant because im on laptop #PLEASEMAKECORPSEPARY

Sorry but this isnt even a game! SOOOOO not my tipe of game! Im into wierd games but this is just PHYSCOPATHIC! No offence but this game is friggin bad!

I have it but guess what!? It wont let me open anything so I can fully download it! l im sooooo mad!

t let me open anything so I can fully download it! l im sooooo mad!

Ummmmm........... I watched the trailer but I haven't got the game lol will I get it!? FUCK YEA