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So excited for more :)

I really like the character designs!

This seems like a prologue for a larger story, so if you do more with this, I'd be excited to see it!


incredible work.

This is so unbelievably cool.

I'd love to see this become a full fledged thing in the future.

Very cool!

I tried, but it seems to only be a listing, not purchasable or readable

Cool update!

Shujinko Academy community · Created a new topic progress?

how much of the game is currently complete?

idk if i'm willing to check this out if i can't reach some kind of ending.

this happened to my buddy eric


this happened to my buddy eric

the most fun ive ever had shuffling things into order

i. have no idea how to leave star reviews on itch.

these mechanics are like. on all the drugs. in a good way!!

kinda nuts that it's in rpg maker. it's too powerful.

also i like when they spin

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This really is something special! One of the more impressive demos that I've seen.

The good: 
-huuuge amount of original assets!! it's amazing how much work was put into it. plenty of detail where most RPG Maker projects would just do what's easy.
-super cute presentation style. love the 2-frame jittery animations during full art cutscenes and battles
-relatable dialogue that's amusing without going full goofy comedy
-battles that exist for engagement and entertainment, rather than EXP progression or challenge.

The not as good:
-it's pretty hard to tell when you're supposed to push a key to advance certain full screen art scenes
-small text used for whispers is very hard to read
-I found the story very hard to follow, as it dumps a lot of characters and concepts into the player's lap very rapidly
-I didn't understand what the battle status effects did. If there was a place that explained it, I missed it completely.

Although I didn't fully grasp the story, the presentation and characters got me through it. The fact that it manages to be intriguing and entertaining even while being confusing is a testament to how good the art and presentation are!

Where can I read the book that this is based on?

Please add an ending.
I am going to die. I am starving in the middle of the desert and I will enter the afterlife without knowing how this epic story ends.

english version when

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On the whole, I really enjoyed playing this.
I liked how it started out simple, goofy, and seemingly pointless, but eventually went somewhere with its themes.

When the plot did the thing I was like :V

Overall, there were only a few letdowns.
The art that appears at the start of the postgame added a lot to the scene. If there were bits of fullscreen art and voice acting like that all throughout the game, it would really elevate the story to new heights.
I also found Destiny, Olly, and Barry to be completely pointless as characters. They didn't contribute anything to the story and didn't even add little interjections to important scenes. It felt like they weren't even there most of the time.

Thanks for making such a cool little RPG! Looking forward to what else you make.

That was wonderful, by the way. Short and sweet.
If a game of this tone and quality was over 2 hours long, I don't think my body could take it.

Extracting from the .zip file ruins certain filenames. Unfortunately, the title screen music is one of them.
I was able to re-edit the filenames, but maybe you should edit the filenames and RPG Maker project before zipping

this deserves far more attention.
what a clever, fun, cute little thing.

I'm impressed at what you were able to do with so little time!
I look forward to any future updates!

While the translation was far from perfect (and some textboxes occasionally were still in PTBR) I was able to enjoy it. I understood pretty much everything you were trying to say.

Looking forward to updates, future chapters, and general improvements!

Thank you for adding an English version!
I'm looking forward to playing this.

the generous shield size combined with the somewhat large player hitbox makes for a very cool dynamic.

i am the corona king.

fast nonstop action from start to finish.

finally! i can bully a catboy in an apartment!

dancing by the hole and luring confused newbies into falling in is the most fun ive had in a long time.

it was just like the matrix................. woah. i know kung fu.

I never knew Bulgaria was so cool...................

I'm booking a flight right now.

this really is a story that comes from heart.

i laughed, i crode, i cummed.

I see.

There were various dialogues with other party members, though I didn't recruit them yet. So I wasn't sure if I broke the game or what.

it's hard to tell if various events are broken or what. it's very unclear about what's possible and what i'm supposed to be doing, and it seems unreasonably difficult and grindy without getting a 2nd party member

love that heat wave effect!

i peed my pants

a door was open in the hall and blocked my way.
now i will never sacrifice the bunny on the golden spike.

just like anime