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11:38, 48 hits, 14 retries... not exactly pro, but not bad. That was fun. :D

That was extraordinary. I only wish it had been longer.

1637. Pretty nice little game!

Well, it certainly scared me. Good job!

Really good game! Having a lot of fun playing this. Not super sure how "curse" and "bless" work, but the basic mechanics are excellent.

Absolutely hilarious. Loved it.

"Runes that summon butterflies..."

*takes one step*


That made me laugh.

Is there any way to get monsters to give up chasing you? It seems like if you aggro something bigger than you can handle, you're on the run for the rest of the game.

Really cute! Looking pretty polished so far, too. One question, though... Why is there a button that turns you into a snake?

Kind of "Twin Peaks"-esque. Interesting.

That was spectacular. I only wish it was longer.

The Altar: You have nothing to offer.

Me: Wow... Harsh... but fair.

Great start. Very atmospheric. I'd like to see more of this.

Argh... I was doing great, blowing down walls and everything, having the raddest time, and then I misclicked and left the page. D:

Very cool! Love the minimalist visuals and I love that there's so much to explore. I might suggest that talking to the daughter the first time be made an autosave trigger, so folks don't have to sit through the intro again if they do what I did and beeline for the basement and step on the electrical wires. >.>

Feels like a really good foundation for a retro game. Controls are good, sprites look good. Solid first level, it just needs an end.

That was fun. Good story. Just out of curiosity, though, is it possible to lose, or is the whole thing scripted? I never died, and I never used any of the pills I picked up. It was a fun experience either way.

Awesome! The Cat That Walks By Itself has joined my mythos pantheon alongside The King in Yellow. ;3

Chilling. I enjoyed this very much.