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Where are all the assets? i downloaded it and it's just examples

happy birthday ♥

oh i see

why are some of the sprites in the second picture cut off? (not criticizing, i just genuinely would like to know if it serves some kind of purpose)

and thank you so much for all the updates :))

omg i love nonograms and i love this too!! some of the puzzle were very hard to solve, mostly because of the black text on a black tile so you cant see the number. there was also a puzzle with green tiles that was unsolvable


thank you!! and I will let you know if I add a no time limit option! :))

yeah i mean even if someone doesn't want them all they can download and just use whatever they do want. its not like it takes that much space on your pc (also i want to download all of them haha)

why not put all of these in a zip file instead of 18 separate downloads?

this is great i've been enjoying it a lot :) may i ask where the sound effects are from? if they're game assets i would love to use them in my game

happy for u

i love your pixel art :))) take it easy and rest as much as you need

epic 8)