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Hey there Kas! No as of now I do not plan on doing any commissions.



SORRY for my incredible delay, the asset pack is finally purchasable, was caught up in studies.

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Unfortunately, no. And I have no plans as of now to make an indoor tileset

Hey there Skylar!  I hope you are having a wonderful day,  thanks for the lovely comment,  it really motivates me into continuing this,  haha, more coming soon :)

Hey there Riku! 

Yes,  you can use these tilesets for a commercial game as long as you are giving me proper credit,  by that I don't mean money, you just have to mention the name somewhere,  haha

Also,  yes I am indeed planning on releasing an interior tileset soon!

Oops, my bad! 

Will be  fixed soon!

Hey there guys!  It's me,  I want you to show this tileset the same amount of love you showed to my previous 16x16 tileset! 

Hope you enjoy your day :)

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Oh,  I actually recommend my other tileset if you are working on a serious project! 

The thing is,  that one is more complete,  versatile and better as I made it after this one,  sure if you want high resolution sprites,  this one is the only only option for now,  but soon...

Also,  best wishes for your fangame!!  :)

Edit-this one

The ones in the screenshots are actually not up to date,  I will add a screenshot asap of the grass tile actually included!

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If you mean the one where you encounter Pokemon in the original games then, yes!  It includes it, I will add a screen shot of it! 

Hey there seli!

I am actually simultaneously working on 3 different tilesets, they will be released shortly! 

Also,  I would love to work on a cave and graveyard tileset!  Definitely in my to do list!  :)

Ask any query right here!

(about the asset pack, that is)

hey there!  

You can use this tileset in pretty much any RPG maker as long as you are resizing it,  for example in RPG maker xp,  the engine is 32x32, then all you need to do is open this tileset in an image editing software and then double it's size,  :)

Please leave your opinions and/or suggestions 


Hello!  It's me Aarya from discord! 

Hope your asset pack makes you ricch real soon! xD 💰

Hey there! Thanks for purchasing my tileset! Yours look fantastic as well!