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Yeah for sure. At the very least some sort of indication of how everything works would have been a good idea. Definitely something we'll need to keep in mind for next time.
Thank you for the feedback!

Awesome! That last fight is pretty tough so congratulations on winning.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah, unfortunately we didn't quite have enough time to add a tutorial (though perhaps we should have prioritized fitting in at least some in-game indicators to help players understand how the game works)

Glad you enjoyed it though, thank you for playing!

Ahh, admittedly that description was written a little hastily - To answer your questions:
- The blue swirly icon is a fairly abstract "skill" action. These actions often have particularly special effects, such as copying skills, stealing dice, cleansing debuffs etc.

- The yellow arrow die is a "revive" skill that only appears on fainted characters. By swapping this die to another unit, after every other unit has acted that unit will revive a downed character.

- The set of icons beneath the unit's health bar indicates that unit's current debuffs and buffs.

Thank you for the feedback!

Ah I see, I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. Thank you!

Thanks! My original concept was actually to have the indicator be sort of a stylized eye staring at its target, but I didn't end up getting it all the way there since I wanted to focus on other parts of the project. I still have a bunch of ideas for the game if I continue it at some point

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it

Thank you! I think the second level ended up being a bit needlessly confusing for its intended purpose, especially after seeing some people play it. If I had more time I would probably put a few more levels before it to better prepare the player for it.