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The playtest doc looked pretty rad, glad to see the full game drop

Been following all the Hiria KS updates and never once put together that you *also* made this

I've not read too too many adventures, just in general, but this defs tops the list as one of my faves

Oh grand, and thanks!

This is very much my vibe, and I love reading a good solo game.

Quick Q:
Depth and Explored give different DCs for the navigation check to leave the void. Is this a conflict, or am I misreading something.

What an absolutely stellar idea

"Jeeyon Shim's <game> is really excellent" I mean how could it not be

On the one hand I love this

On the other hand I now have a small fluffy white dog and am no longer emotionally sturdy enough to imagine such creatures in peril

Grand! Looking forward to reading the GM section additions, too. I live for a good GM guidance section, which so many games lack, and this one was already pretty solid so I'm stoked to aew how it got better

No apology needed. And it sure looked like the space that would belong; it's the right shape for it.

Honestly I wondered if it was there and not seeing it was a me problem. Wouldn't be the first time this month an itch pdf displayed wrong but just for me personally

Page 5 details all the harm levels except Dying (it gets mentioned under Critical as the next step but not described). Is this an intentional choice?

I ask because clearly it can be inferred and is described later in the book, so it’s obviously not missing information

Gotta say, like it even more now, seeing the more serious themes (not that it seemed unserious before)

I have not, yet. I love lit crit in the abstract but I am in fact Very Bad at doing it myself

Going out on a limb to guess: military service in general

Which had not occurred to me and now I can't unsee it

"But what happened to the hive in the forest I captured this poisonous caterpillar from?"

I am so glad you asked!

A stellar one-shot prompt-based community-building game, about all the monsters left behind, what it is like to come home after a terrible trauma, and what happens to a society subject to the whims of those who would use you for far-away conquest and glory

Is all that Mars stuff really in the original work? Feels very Ultima II, which I guess is appropriate

It owns that you did this, thank you

Reading it is a fascinating experience, and also the art is wonderful

Strange! No idea what's wrong on my end.

Thanks again, y'all made a cool thing!

The one-page document is showing up for me as just four exhibit entry sheets sans instructions

The Individual Pages pdf does have everything so does meet my needs quite well, thank you!

Oh yeah I've been hearing from several people for whom a lack of AC is a complete barrier to any kind of work

It's been a real rough summer

Living for the new art

Oh also, do you mean to have 100 available at $7?

Dang this is a great idea

I still haven't read MB but I am liking this

Extremely wanna run this in Fabula Ultima

This looks like a pretty grand party game. Is there any chance in the future of a full booklet .pdf that includes the instructions?

On the one hand this feels like you one becomes a Buffy extra

On the other hand there’s a lot here I genuinely want to try with full commitment to the bit

Haven't read the game yet but I appreciate the reference to a song I sing rather a lot

Makes sense. Thanks!

Quick Q: Is 004 missing, or is it a numbering error?

I want to be clear this is no judgment I am constantly making numbering errors

This did not nearly make me cry; there is nothing “nearly” about it.

Thank you for writing it.

Been working for a while on adapting individual mechanics from Legend of Dragoon for tabletop, and because I have nothing else I could possibly throw several thousand words at I guess I’m also rewriting the setting and lore to make, perhaps, a whole game. Eventually.

That weapon math is bonkers

I cannot tell you how Here For It I am

Dang I think this is better than the dice one, and I really liked the dice one

Whatever it'll be, I'm stoked already

(1 edit)

Figured as much, and would have played without the extra expansion rules if using the Oracle (and honestly the Oracle is the more personally tempting mode even for non-solo play, for me), but I figured I might as well ask after intent

Edit to add, because I forgot: Thank you! Also this looks excellent, as does Helion, Our Home

Quick rules question: are the Expansion rules on the first text page meant to be only for DMed games, where Oracle games get those benefits only on the relevant draws?

I've not actually read Honey Heist or any other Honey Heist Hacks ("H3's") but just reading this has sold me on it. Also, solid visual design, though I'd love a not-printer-friendly version with a daunting amount of yellow.

Careful, with too many cheats you might trigger the copy protection, where a full-size, invulnerable grizzly bear with the horns and excess anger of raging bull constantly stalks the protagonists

Some players enjoy the added challenge, but it makes the game much more difficult to complete

I've read going on 300 games now of several sorts but this just became my favorite OSR game I've read so  far by a pretty wide margin

How has no-one commented on this yet? It rules. Codified antagonistic GMing, players switching sides when they die, excellent genre emulation…

Seriously where’s the love people need to got in on this