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Last level stumped me until I realised gur svefg fgrcf ner pehpvny.

"Please don't do that." 馃ぃ

Last puzzle was very fun to figure out. 馃憤馃従

Let me know if you figure out 3. I'm stumped and wou appreciate a hint.

Rot13 hint Gurer'f fbzr jnvgvat vaibyirq. I haven't solved 3 yet.

Tbg 30 svefg erny gel gura 29. Zbfg oybpxf jnf fgenvtugsbejneq ohg sha.

I think it was 55 steps.

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Very cool and fun. I definitely stumbled into the final steps of the last two rooms without fully thinking through the steps.

V fbyirq vg jvgubhg rira qvfpbirevat gur pbzovangvba zrpunavp. V gubhtug gur ebbz va gur obggbz evtug whfg pbagnvarq n guerr fcnpr fgne.V arire ybbxrq pybfryl ng jung jnf unccravat. 

my solution

I don't know what the two stars at the top.are for.

What's the second ending?

V unq gur vqrn bs chfuvat gur gbc oybpx hc gb obpx gur thneq ohg vg frrzrq vzcbffvoyr gb chfu vg jvgubhg vzzrqvngryl rkcybqvat vg. V qvfpbirerq gur nygreangr beqre ol nppvqrag.

Cool idea. Ybir gur zhenyf!

10/10 game. 

7/10 dancing skills.

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Got it! I couldn't figure out how to get the laser past itself and the solution is so simple but kind of novel at the end. This game has fried my brain.

Riko commentsReplied to Spyr in Riko comments

I don't think I'll finish all the monster levels. I'm good with puzzles where I can keep track of all the different permutations and it's very hard for me If every move I make almost irreversibly changes the elements of the level. The solution is too exact and one wrong step can mess you up.  

That's not a criticism of puzzle design. My brain just doesn't work that way. I could eventually come to the solution, but it would require too much trial and error, and that's just no fun.

Thanks for the game!

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I tried and quit and came back to "four rooms" again and again over the course of weeks. I kept coming back and today I finally got a solution that I believed would work: mirrors lined up to reflect the laser to the final switch with no doors in the way. I had it. PIC

And then I find out the laser can't cross itself. A situation I had never come across. 

This is just pure evil. 

I checked the hints and it says I need all the mirrors free to move and my broken solution has 2 irretrievable so I'm back to square one. 

I won't let this level defeat me.