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Only judges are allowed to vote on your submissions

SpaceJam community · Created a new topic How to submit
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1.  Click on 'Submit your project' button.

2. Upload a new project if you have not uploaded the game on before

3. Fill up the page with all the necessary details. 

4. Save the page and make your project public. Save again.

5. Come back to jam page. And submit that project here from your dashboard after filling out the new details required.

Basically, you first upload a game on and then upload it as an entry to the jam.

If you guys have any problem submitting the game please let us know ASAP.

Comment on this for any queries you have.

SpaceJam community · Created a new topic Final Day!
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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great time building your games in these 10 days and are finally ready with them.  Please note that you have to submit your games on this game jam and not on in order for it to be evaluated as an entry to this event. We also require your your code files for the code analysis round so upload your scripts folder to gtihub and share the link while making your submission. All the best guys! Make your final sprints today!


Very nice story and it gave me Stranger Things kind of vibes too! Waiting for more.

How to flip them to face left rather than right? Amazing asset by the way. Looking forward to use it in game .