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Introduction / About Me

Hello and thank you from dropping by. I am a Software Architect with some experience in game development but have worked in majority on web technology. I love computer graphics and have done a bit of 3d modeling, animation, sound design and design work. I'd be more than glad to share my knowledge and/or mentor anyone during the project.

Game / About the Project

The concept is to have a 2d Roguelite co-op that's heavily impacted by viewer crowds that are either supportive or aggressive towards the player. 

Here are some examples that could be implemented:

  • Viewer decision/selection making (paths, item, abilities).
  • Summon viewer controlled allies / Raiding viewer enemy.
  • Viewer controlled NPC dialog/options.
  •  Place support items / traps & dangers.

There are still a lot of ideas in the works and the objective is to mainly showcase the possibilities. 

P.S. If you have a  game released or near completion and think this could be implemented to your game feel free to reach out.

Hey love the tileset so far! Just wanted to point out the script_example.js won't work for floor# since it chokes on the numbers. Changing them to floor_a ...etc did the trick. Adding `0-9` to the regex as following also worked: `line.match(/([a-z_0-9]+)` at line 15