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Thank you so much for the reply, I'm really looking forward to seeing the sequal and how the world building is expanded more.


Hey, I don't know how to reach you outside of this but the game's plot have something might be a plothole? I'm just asking for a confirmation whether it was intended or not since it's all very well written I couldn't think that part is a plot hole. 

Basically it's just conflicting things about what the ritual actually do?

- Apperently no one that done the ritual can escaped, liz said they all tried to end themselve and unsuccessful when we awaken her.
- People that had done the ritual can apparently interact outside of otherworld. Like how liz tried talking to emily 1 last time before getting blocked.
And how we can talk to orion even though he supposedly already went through the ritual? In 1 of the chat with emily, liz said to emily that she and "scot" had performed the puzzle to "orion" and it worked.

Basically it's just weird how the ritual is said to bound someone "forever" into a game yet they can leave and interact with others but just sometime?

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Small spoiler, found a few minor bug, they're down at the end of the msg since the website doesn't have a spoiler feature when comment.

Beautiful game, would love to play a sequal of.

1. I don't think it would be trigger playing normally but clicking/interacting something really quick remove the grainy filter.

2. Same thing as above though a bit more severe since it's basically a softlock. Clicking on the buttons really quick make the blood no longer flow. 

3. Also on this part if you move left or right while the screen is still shaking from blessing the statues, the shaking effect would remain until you move left or right again.

Oh no rush, I'm just checking to see if it's still being work on.

No weekly update for this week as well?

Returning distance too, if distance from post office to destination is 150 km, then the total distance for a trip would be 300 km, the 3.1 hour check out for a raven with speed of 95 km/h.

I know that the weapon stat is increasing damage but why is the damage range is so big? I hit an enemy for 2 dmg and another for 21 in the same run, weapon stat was 12. How is the dmg calculate?

Thanks for the fix, good luck with your next project.

I couldn't get any picture because my game crashed but a few things I noticed at about level 29.

1. The demon soul wouldn't stack if you have spare slot. They would go in the spare slot instead of the existing stack.
2. Game get very laggy at that level, which result in my crash, I think there's just too much things to process at that time.
3. The defense of the enemies grow way too quick and make overdose stalling and bombs seem like the only viable strategy.
4. 1 single encounter would give over a thousand gold so you are able to roll a hundred of time get as much healing as you need to overdose and practically make monster's attack useless.

It's really great seeing the game get weekly update and fixes every so often.

Do you plan to add one?

Is there an ending?

Oh thank you for the info

Is there a reason for the 30k gold cap to be there?

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I didn't read the changelog closely when commenting this, turns out only the flying skulls have that ability.
And didn't calculate the difference, rank 1 imp demon with funny bone have potential 6 total dmg to castle if both imp inherit the bone. The dmg is equal to 2 rank 3 which would cost 48 gold but it only cost 6 gold.

Why does funny bone item get passed down the bone line but not down the imp? Was it because when there's 2 target it's simply not allowed?

I just found out that there are more than 2 interaction down at the lower levels. It seem like the visual novel part of the game is getting more attention. I'm sorry if you guys are talking about suggestion on that part and not the other gameplay.

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I don't think I can have any suggestions or opinion about the game yet since I had only experienced only the basic of it.

The demo is a bit boring. Out of 5 listed features: dig, gather, whack-a-mole, upgrade, and talk. Arguably only the whack-a-mole part is fully implemented.
Gather and upgrade you said won't even be in the demo.
Digging tie strongly to both of those features for reward and further progress so it's really just testing out mechanics right now. Which is quite great, no bug that I can see, little lag, but it's not really a playing feature.
The interactions/visual novel part of the game is still only just "talk to 2 of them and not again".

An interesting idea of using visual novels and digging together as mechanic and plot for the game is maybe the only things I can say. Hopefully I can play it further.

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After digging multiple trip, 2 encounter, got to lvl 2, both escaped and died below, the upgrade menu said I got no ore, is that part of "no progress in demo will be save" or do I need to fulfill some kind of requirement to bring back minerals?

The one right after I got lucky too, but why can't the king be charmed by the succubus though.

That's too close how did I messed up

oh my god it's been too long


I feel like the difficulty increases way too quickly in a game of near-pure luck.
Take the slimes for example, the slimes appear on wave 4. Meaning you get 3 upgrades, the slimes appear in pair with 2 2-6 coins and +5 defenses, so they outnumber you, have the same amount of coin if you choose to get coin for all your upgrade, their max roll possible is above average, they have defense higher or equal to half of any of your coin roll. The only advantages you have over them is health but your base health is 30 and their health is 18, so not even equal to all their health combine.
If this is a game about skill then players can fail and get better and beat them easier next time but both upgrades and coin roll are rng meaning player's only able to choose the distributions of coin rolls, no matter how good you are at it, you simply cannot always beat the slimes if you got bad rng on upgrades and roll.

Lol I figured out why you guys do it like that. Sewage farming would be broken if I can get 7 everytime 

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Is defeating enemy with your fist the only requirement to get +1 fist?

If so then I think the spell with rune that increase max cap of health by 2 and heal by 1 or increase max cap of hunger by and fill 2 hunger depend on what you use it on might be bugged when use on fist. It increase fist cap by but when I kill enemy with 3/4 fist I can't get another fist card to drop

Edit: Nevermind, I figure out what's the reason for this.

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There's no collision between ball and player so you can just be inside the ball after 2-3 size upgrade and you're invincible.

Is tier a hidden number? As in does it not show the tier in the weapon itself when clicked on.

Are tiers just rarity or is that something else?

Happy it help!

That was a really great game. Will there be any sequals or prolouge?

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This is the solution of the whole game with credit to who I saw it first from. Spoilers in it ofc.

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Hey rodzeymer, are you still up? I got a document writting down there info and where it might lead next. Would you like to give some ideas on what might be wrong and what I overlooked? I think that 1 person can be really stuck into a narrative and having more than 1 perspective would be great help.

Document link:

I do have some changing around to do with your new progress because this is made for part 3 that you already solved.

wait so there's group of 3, of 4, and now of 5? Also is your story little backward between P with L and the couple? 


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Oh right I'm sorry about that. 

I can access Imgur now so I changed them all in there

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Spoilers in both images and some in the comment itself.  

Visual aids on what Snowba11 mean: 

"the order of the items doesn't seem to matter":

"they didn't turn to green links when I connected  them together":, "but once I connected that group of 4 to one of the other clues on the other set of 4 all links for the new group went green":

Not sure what meant by "there were only 2 clues to connect to that would make all the links turn green." because I find out that as long as the "End Piece" of the previous one is connect to any piece in the finished group, they will all light up:

Is the thinking log part of the new update?

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I'm mostly just echoing what the people below already said. There are a lot of ways to connect pictures to form the same story. 
I'm guessing you're hinting that we have to connect the evidence chronologically with all of the "trace his footsteps". If that's not it then can you maybe help out with how we're supposed to connect them?

A fix maybe something like different color strings for different interpretations.    For example red line for chronologically time when Pete put the evidence up/got his hand on them. Blue line for connections between the evidences like Piece A, B, and C aren't discovered near each other but they all hint about a single thing. 

Another fix can just be a tutorial of sort at the start, showing how the strings are suppose to be use.

Overall interesting idea for a game, just hope it is easier to understand what I am suppose to do.

A little bug I found, all upgrade except for spawnrate have a max cap and can't be click after it say max but spawnrate can be go beyond and it stop spawning anything. It's like the upgrade got more stage upward but it's obscured. It take my money when I click on and it flash red same as when I doesn't have enough money to buy an upgrade.

Oh wow the idea of condensing the orbs for optimization is great.

ah update, sad there's no save