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A total idiot

A member registered Feb 24, 2022

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dude I can't even get through the first heartbeat thing

I like that

Jack with his kidneys apparently murderers like puns too 

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MCR guitar cords sorry for the bad joke

that was great

that's so sad

I love it it's somehow relatable and it was a great game and typing though that was hard

they were all so cute but I hurt them 

that... was... awesome

an explanation of what happens in the game is something called mirror scrying. It's really creepy, stare at a mirror with the lights off with only a candle. You might see your features or the background change. It depends, it might not work. I'm not sure if this is what the creator meant the game to be and I think I should shut up now.

excuse me cut off my finger?

the creepypasta in the description never left the phase 

getting killed by demon thing + Fall out Boy = fun

cool was it just me or did Adrienne look like she had fangs 

I just almost got eaten by ducks

that is one apparition 

I didn't run and I just got the living daylights outa me. Her face looks like Jeff the Killer's eyes.

but I just dump salt on the windows and do dumb things that result in things

Levi getting blown up made me cry the ending made me cry my life make me cry so saaaaaaaaame