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this happened to me too, but with nami! I wonder if playing it in normal mode in quick groove will fix it again?

I was able to play a full run completely fine last night when I downloaded. Now there is a strange glitch where the buttons on screen are in the incorrect order, so nami sounds all jumbled up and then if I press the buttons in the order it shows I lose for inaccuracy. rip

I'm a year late but if you go all the way to the top of the northwest tower there's a prisoner you can (f)orgive, and then if you visit them at the broken down home in the town they'll give you the beggar's clothes

Hey hey, there *is* which I only know because I accidentally booted into it at one point but I don't actually know how I did it rip. If you figure it out lmk lol

This game is insanely good. I got it in the Ukraine bundle and played for days obsessively until I made my rival weep (and then killed him in bloody war- thanks historical mode!!) 100/10, please play it ASAP