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Good game :3

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Fantastic walking sim. Literally took me 3 days to find all the orbs, but it was a great experience. I needed to make a map for this that's so fucking big that won't even let me upload it so I had to put it on imgur instead. Very good work, dev.

This is probably one of my favorite games in recent memory, even though it's so short. The colorful PSX art style, the cute dialogue from characters, and the settings of the dreams are all so endearing to me. The tone of every dream was always so clearly communicated, as well. Cat World was a really nice place to be, Water World felt incredibly sad, and School World was unsettling as hell. Super well done game!

(The Morty secret was adorable, btw)

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Seeing all the realistic textures in this game's environments gave everything a nostalgic sorta feeling, which made it feel especially lonely (and creepy at times) because there's no one around. Really cool to see a game touch so much on this sense of nostalgia.