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A Napkin

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I like cats, I think there neat

also visual novel good


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hey whenever I select a scene my screen goes all white but I can hear that the game is still going on but I can't see anything

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I just got to say you guys are one of the most thoughtful game developers I have ever known, going as far as to tell us the precise time the game will come out and to even consider when most people would get off of work so they can play immediately, maybe it because I been a team fortress 2 fan for years and having to deal with Valve just neglecting their game almost completely but I nearly forgotten that there are some game developers that care about there community, what I'm trying to say is that I  appreciate you guys doing good to the community, keep on being you!

Cool beans

"which were deemed "too OP" and were thus nerfed by being split into elephants and snakes." they're lucky they didn't get ban like the dinosaurs were.

Very cool

nice visual novel, very cool

If your doing merchandise than I think plushies would make sense, also I want plushies

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When the internet is up will we be able to show  Asterion google maps and do the thing when you put the tiny human on the map letting you kinda walk there. I think that would be pretty neat, also I would like to say that I am in love with this vn and it is now my favorite vn I have found on, you guys are awesome <3

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Man, this vn is amazing! I play a lot of vn on (literally whatever interest me) and this is by far one of the best, it been a while since I been so engage with a vn. The story is so intersting, every charater is unique so far, none of them I have been able to property associate with any charater tropes since they are so well develop and I love the subtle ways you convey motion like having them bob up and down to convey walking, having the character move a little to the bottom left to convey siting, (you'll be surprise how little vn try this, at least the ones I played) anyway im just trying to say, keep up the great work! Oh, and thank you so much for adding SFW mode, you have no idea how much I appreciate that.

Man, I absolutely love the character design it so simple yet so effective.

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Wow, this story is a lot more interesting than I originally thought it would be, Keep up the good work! P.S. I personally hope at some point you can romance the MC but either way I'm sure the story will be good.