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my reaction to that piece of information ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ 

bro this game got me horny af that goth gf so fucvking hot frfr

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make a folder called "VST 3" that's what i did, and it works *real noice*

100% inspired by lsd: dream emulator, and i love it.

bro literally said "git gud" lol

that's because it includes some stuff that windows senses might be dangerous. it's very common in game downloaded manualy, like you do in itch. it's most likely just windows finding something that Might be dangerous, but actually isn't so it's a false alarm.

so i'd say don't worry about it, because it's really common, and most likely isn't malware.

i say most likely because there is a small risk. but the only reason windows says it might be dangerous is because it uses thing that can hurt your pc. but those thing can only hurt your pc if the developer intended it to, aka malware. these thing that can hurt your pc is used for much more than just hurting your pc. many times it's just so the game can save, because it needs to be able to store data on your pc, or else it can't save. the reason windows finds this threatening is because it needs to be able to install things on your pc, which can potentially be dangerous. but if it's just a save file, it's not dangerous, so it's a false alarm.

or it might just be something else it finds suspicious. but remember, just because it might be dangerous, doesen't mean that it is. i personally wouldn't install a game that no-one has played, and gives this windows protecter message, but if it's a bigger game that i think i can trust, i trust that it's just a false alarm.

hope i helped!

this is just soo good. i really really love all about it.

btw if you like the combat in this game, i highly reccomend "blasphemous" it has basically the same combat, and also has the same kinda alone feel i guess you can say. not the same feel overall, but still similar. but the combat is spot on (with them both)

me before playing: "oh this looks pretty cool"

me after playing:  "what did- wha? what the hell'd i just play?"

btw great game!

after i instaled the game, it said that it was a GB file. i haven't seen those before, so i did some research.

and this is what i find: "The Genbank format allows for the storage of information in addition to a DNA/protein sequence."

and now i am very confused. so can anyone please tell me how to open it? because i thin i found the wrong GB format lol.

use a vpn? i know there are many free vpn's that work just fine, so i reccomend a vpn if you haven't tried already.

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can you like, shut up? and stop being a toxic piece of shit? and stop harassing this dude for no reason? and for gods sake, stop calling him a retart.

i'll say this in a way you will understand: Fuck. You. Bitch.

why don't you want to download steam? it's super good! it does many thing much better than epic. tbh, the only reason i like epic is because of the weekly free games. else i always try to check if the game is on steam.

you fucking idiot. the thing is that you aren't supposed to get hit. plus it's a new game, so it's balancing is naturaly not perfect.

learn to dodge in a bullet hell or just cope fucking asshole.

listle up ya lil' dipshit. you're just jealouls 'cause you will never be able to make a game this good.

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the thing about the game is that its a bullet hell. you are supposed to not take damage. your damage is supposed to be very permanent, so just the fact there are healing abilities are lucky lol.

and also try to not use the word "retart", it's looked in a similar light as the n-word now.

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how do i put it in full screen?

Wow, this game is just, wow. I really enjoied playing this, while it was a short expirience, it didn't leave much to be desired. I think this idea is really cool, and i'd absoloutly love to see more like this. i can't wait to play your other games! By far one of the best retro styled horror games i've played.

this is a pretty interesting/good idea, but. alot (and i really mean ALOT) of key cominations don't work properly, like when i do a key combination, i usually can't move my hands forward. which ruins the game. the key combinations that don't work are set, as in don't change. plus i'm using windows idk if thats a problem.