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really nice animations! I've been using the ones I got to help teach myself how to do pixel art animations. I've been making pixel art for a while now but I'm still really struggling with animations and this has helped. :))

more than likely you haven't been informed on what socialism is or communism. The channel "second thought" on youtube is a good general source of what we believe. I don't think he'd "convert you" but if you'd like to at least understand this dev's perspective it would definitely strengthen your own political views and you'd leave more educated regardless if your views change or not. :)

shows when you misspell a word but doesn't show the correct spelling or suggestions. open config file doesn't work  and neither does show config in file explorer

wrote a full review in my rating of the game. yall did amazing!

was a beautiful game. though I'm slightly upset that during one of the major cut scenes there were problems with sprites bugging out. I experienced a lot of graphical glitches but I honestly don't care. so far it's the best game I've played. amazing work

got alot of your packs from the Ukraine bundle! I plan to make my first combat game with the assets :)

Seems fun, but the controls are weird. Once you beat the first level, you have to use the arrow keys to select what you want to do next, you can't just use the w, a, s, and d keys.  Also, what I'm assuming is the back button just seems to freeze the game when you use it after the first level.