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I don't know if it has anything to do with it but this painting sort of instantly reminded me of Christ of the Trenches. So much so that I had to go dig through my postcards from Portugal to find it because I couldn't remember the specific name of it and only recalled it as 'that one very metal pic of Jesus'.

If someone had told me only yesterday that tonight I'd be reading a furry gay wild west visual novel at 4am and crying I'd call them a liar and a clown but here we are. Who's the clown now?

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i tried my best to play it but sadly the camera angle gave me the most godawful motion sickness so i had to watch a playthrough instead. and it was great. turnfollow i love your stuff even when it physically hurts me.

i settle down with utmost trust in lesbian serpents, they will figure out the rest and save the world