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pretty sure you can use bootcamp

Light doesn’t have beta

it has a weird ui and I can’t load anything.

There’s a glitch with the debug menu

damn there are a lot of Gorillaz songs

I think he means you can’t play with keybinds.

why is everything on caps lmao

you were being a moron about it too (no offense)

bruh, he just told you the exact same thing as the other guy, just with the “Setup.exe”

Can you make it 64 bit? It doesn’t seem to work with my computer.

(also sorry for necroposting)

Hands? Maybe a kick attack? Idk. Good game tho

this is actually a really good game!


Some glitches tho

(1 edit)

this is fine

you have to mod the game by yourself. This is just a logo

i cant afford doom

so i got this

bruh make the keybinds availiable for keyboard

i found it

after all these years

i found it

get better at tech, it's easy

You have to wait it takes a long time to download. It's opening when it finishes scanning and making the files

Cute little game, It's an easy and difficult game at the same time

Fun but don't recommend to people with epilepsy 

gonna play thins when i get my own windows

I think it's just a mac problem mac sucks af

i did but its still there

Is this normal

or uninstalling and reinstalling

Try closing it and running it again

what if your family hates microsoft but you're the only one who does and cant afford one

Can you put it on mac

RIP they lived a good life

Now it is canon that Karlson took place in the past

KARLSON community · Created a new topic What a coincidence