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A Devil Like You

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Thanks so much, Paul! I just sent an email your way and can't wait to get to read the zine. You've been too kind and I'm just so pleased and honored that you enjoyed this little game so much. 

Ah, thanks so much! Sorry I didn't see this notification until now, I've been away from this space for a while. 

I did not intend for you to score on the first instance for any of those, so it will be the 3,6,9 structure and so on. Hope that helps with the clarity of play and thanks so much for the lovely comments and interaction. I always appreciate hearing from players and I will definitely have to check out your zine when it comes out. I'm so glad you enjoyed! 

Just enough challenge to keep engaged, but still cheeky fun. Loved the little taste

Thanks so much! Honestly I'm honored that you enjoyed it enough to be inspired by it and would want to hack it. As long as credit is given, I would love to see other versions of it. Lemme know if you do, I'd have a blast getting to play whatever you make. :) Have a great day as well! 

That's a great suggestion, I'll definitely consider that if I update or iterate on the game. Figuring out the math and flow on these things was one of my main trouble shooting issues so I appreciate hearing how they come across in play. Thanks a bunch! 

Ah! I can definitely do some rewording to help with clarity on that subject. 

Prompts with "your committed" are meant to reference the recurring individuals in your squire's life defined by Acts of Commitment-- the idea behind scoring that category every four instances being an evolution of your relationship with a contentious character over multiple intense encounters. Sorry for the confusion! 

And thanks so much for your comment, feedback is always much appreciated and I hope you're enjoying the game. :) 

This is definitely the most comprehensive version of an erotic supplement to 5e I've ever come across. The fleshing out of subclasses, backgrounds, and feats are welcome additions and each are implemented creatively. 

I'll be using this to run a one-on-one campaign soon and am interested to see how it works during play, as while reading I'm feeling a bit of friction in regards to is how the Allure score is implemented. Having Temptation be the only skill tied to it and then using Composure to resist most sexual actions leaves it feeling somewhat vestigial. In that regard it might be better suited to being reworked as an alternate AC because you can only actively use it while trying to Arouse. 

This in turn tugs at the implementation of Combat Sex. The only martial way to engage with the Arousal mechanic is by rolling Sex checks, which really flattens an otherwise detailed and rich system you've created here. There's really no character or skill expression outside of spells or class abilities and if you don't scale DEX your options for engaging with Combat Sex rely entirely on those or including kink/fetish bonuses. 

I know this is all an entirely optional portion of your supplement so it might be better to leave it relatively shallow, but I think it might all work more smoothly if players were given a wide range of general actions to be taken as with regular combat. Having the choices of ranged/melee/grappling/hide/etc needs an analog to make solving an encounter erotically more satisfying-- otherwise the gameplay loop feels a little "mash A to achieve climax". Though this is all predicated on the notion that Climax could lead to a satisfaction or exhaustion state like unconscious that would end a battle, whereas currently the Stunned state implies you are just aiming to give your party the opening to deal fatal damage. 

In any case! I hope this didn't come across as harsh. I've been looking for good erotic supplementation to 5e for years as a long time erp fan and DM. This was very sex/kink/queer positive, which is always refreshing to see and well research and written. Your art and layout are top notch and the sheer amount of content is astounding. I'll definitely be giving a rating once I've actually run the dang thing and am excited to see where it leads. You've done an amazing job and I'll certainly be following for any further projects of yours.