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Adam Bredenberg

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what program did you use to make this?


What engine does this use?

lowkey ya

thanks! I'm honored. Is a copy of the talk available online? 

Unfortunately not. Twine 2 actually makes it somewhat hard to add images. Since I made this game for the Bad Games Jam, I thought it was important to use minimal effort. Sorry for the inconvenience.

maybe everyone is waiting till the last minute

Five stars, incredible game.


- Absolutely beautiful

- Very fun and relaxing, pleasantly challenging without being frustrating

- Legitimately good values, solarpunk, redemptive, very heartening

- Visionary sci-fi


- Intuitively, it feels like greenhouses and toxin scrubbers should produce their effects constantly rather than once. The current system does start to make sense after a while, though.

- Steam plants are very hard to place on maps with no wetlands.

- Could be GOTYE material if it had narrative elements.

I ran the .exe and nothing happened. I guess this is technically exactly as advertised, but not quite what I was expecting.


This is nice.

I want to say it could use a fullscreen option, but... maybe not? I don't know how it's supposed to be.


this thing is great. i tumbld some rooms here.

Okay, fine. I promoted it a little bit.

I found the list. There are four people signed up now, including myself.

I gave you five months... which is probably more than you need... because nobody knows who I am and I don't really intend to promote this jam. So people will probably come in and out for a long time.

Hi dude. This is the first jam I've hosted. I don't think I get to see a list of who's involved.