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Hey bro, when talking about parts of the game or asking for hints, please do this, 

"Spoilers ahead."

This way, anyone who hasn't gotten that far in can figure out the puzzle on their own.

Wait, spoilers for if you haven't gotten some of the endings, like, all of them.

Can there be a happy ending? Like, maybe a second game ending perhaps? Where the second game takes place after Ending 12, where you choose to leave the simulation using Ash's Progenitor, but, because your in a completely new place, you are reset to being completely normal, without anything, not even the Gun-blade, so you have to forge for new everything, basically starting at square 1 again, but with all the knowledge from the first game, also being able to transfer data from the first game over. There's a lot you can do. But it would still be your game, so you decide.

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Awesome game!

This needs a second game, this is so good!

First win


This is such a good game.

Small oversight, if you change the select keybind, after you beat a song, you still need to press z to select instead of the keybind you set.