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80% Relatable

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Thank you for the kind words! The rhythm of the piece is something I pay a lot of attention to, so I'm glad that effort came across.

That is so very kind of you to say. <3

What a great little game. The simple mechanics of being helplessly trapped among a ton of strangers you don't know and only able to make the strangest and most desperate attempts at contact with other souls, all while the scene slowly gets darker around you and you hope, desperately, that your moment to make an exit will finally arrive...

Not that, uh, I would know anything about that.

Holy crap, thank you! Those are some of the kindest words I have ever received on my work. I think I mentioned it in another comment, but this project is currently on the backburner. But I do intend to finish it. Some day.

Thanks for enjoying this first bit.

This is my favorite comment I have yet received on my work, thank you

This game slapped! We both really love your take on moody, surreal horror. Keep on making great stuff!

Aah! Thank you so much for taking the time to play this! This project is currently on the backburner as I am working on a regular prose novel, and I when I do get back to this, it will likely need to be redone from the ground up to account for a few things I've learned about Twine. But it means so much that you took the time to play it and enjoyed it! <3