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Enjoyed every moment. High hopes for the next game. I fear that you will run out of motivation to make these as valve did with the half life series. Still a great game.

thank you for creating this.

I have so many ideas for a game I want to create. I cant find any good software to use

Nami what game creation software do you recommend for people who want to create games like this.

I think Nami is busy working on her next game. lets not pressure her with comments and questions.


you make great games :D

it seems that the only ending i know how to get is the gumdrop ending. can you help?

thank you for answering

they are similar. Read the book and you will see why I asked. :)

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NomNomNami I just played Lonely Wolf Treat and it reminded me of the book Wolf Children. Did you read wolf children before making Lonely Wolf Treat?