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This was a great game. I am glad you were able to show so much of the mind. I was wondering... Did you put an easter egg for if we go into the files and somehow enable the player movement when it is disabled and we press the button?

Enjoyed every moment. High hopes for the next game. I fear that you will run out of motivation to make these as valve did with the half life series. Still a great game.

thank you for creating this.

I have so many ideas for a game I want to create. I cant find any good software to use

Nami what game creation software do you recommend for people who want to create games like this.

I think Nami is busy working on her next game. lets not pressure her with comments and questions.


you make great games :D

it seems that the only ending i know how to get is the gumdrop ending. can you help?

thank you for answering

they are similar. Read the book and you will see why I asked. :)

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NomNomNami I just played Lonely Wolf Treat and it reminded me of the book Wolf Children. Did you read wolf children before making Lonely Wolf Treat?