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I was really impressed with this game. The music selection was very on theme and excellent for the whole feel of the game. The maps are well made and there are a lot of interactions available. I always felt engaged and was able to pick up items and the items were flavorful (ie tobacki). It was a nice flowing story, however I could not find the key to the door in the cave, the enemies were doing 0 damage and missing El Cid a lot. Overall GREAT GAME, lots of fun.

I like the battle system and the trees look amazing in the beginning. Nice animations for the cut scenes too. Good stuff.

I like the game. The environment was very interactive and did well to help the story. Good story telling it achieves the horror feel.

Fun game I like the colours used and the battle system was easy to understand and fun to play through.

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Nice I like that the trees grow at different rates and command more money for the wood. Nice game.

Fun little game. Nice art, it has a star control 2 feel to it.

The random maps are cool, and the animated enemies were fun. Was I supposed to beat the tower boss? 

I like the art and the concept of the game. I couldn't figure out the controls all I could do is get the character to walk around. Was I able to cut wood in this game?

Nice game. The maps look really good.


This is a really fun game, The writing is funny and there are lots of likable characters. The bar where you play different characters was a great idea. The enemies are really hard in this game. I wanted to play more of the story, but the enemies were killing me a lot. Great music and the variety of enemies was fun. Thanks for making it.

nice boss battle. I like the art work so far. There are a lot of options in the battle system and the Boss is challenging.

nice card game. Lots of fun and the art is really good.

Nice puzzles, Fun story, Good Battles, Nice game.

I like the game. Fun characters and the maps look cool. I like the music choice and it goes to a more relaxed RPG feel to the game. Some of the text was cut off in the dialogue boxes, but not too much, overall a fun game, thanks.


nice game it's a real RPG. The enemies are challenging and your NPC's are fun.

fun, I like the art and no music goes well for the game. Fun story.

Nice game. It's very fast paced and is challenging. Thank you for making it.

nice game. Cool art

the music is nice for the environment of the game. The puzzles are a nice addition. Good stuff.

nice game. fun puzzles

nice maps. cool game.

I like the mazes. When the red door levels close in around your character was a cool effect. The music is really good for the game. I like how the maps change when you take different paths. Fun game.

This is a very impressive game. The music sets the tone of the game nicely. You were able to make a mystical world that's art style was refreshing, and surprisingly different from other RPG's. I played the whole thing through. Interesting NPC's, the tree city was really cool. Great stuff.

nice music

Nice game. Funny endings. Enemies are tough.

thank you for playing

nice game. I got stuck after getting the hammers, I like the sneaking aspects and it will be cool to see where it goes.

fun game.

cool game, I like the conversations and the NPC's have some nice backstory.

Thank you for the demo. I held the zombies up by putting my warrior on guard and attacking from outside the wall. Lots of fun.

cool tank game

Nice art and music. I like the style of the game, and the military drum beat goes well.

cool art and the music fits the scene.

cool game. It's simple and challenging.

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next time make it 20,000 steps lol

Hey the game looks interesting so far. I like the sliding ice puzzle at the 


I got a little stuck in the caves with the fairies and switches. I really like the enemies and the enchanted weapons are cool.