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Another awesome game by Octavi Navarro. Yeah I know its old but I'm just finding it now. Great work!

Great start! It looks nice! Gave a little feedback at the end but I hope you keep making games. :)

Loved the atmosphere and feel of this game. Would love to see a longer experence.

Just found this dark little adventure. Interesting idea. Would be interested to see it made into something bigger. 

Excellent story and I love the whole lofi environment. It's sad to know that this type of story plays out again and again in the real world. A good game and a good cautionary tale.

The unique story, fun dialogue, and creepy atmosphere has made this a demo to remember! One of the devs also seems to have a secret affinity for gas station hotdogs…..

When I saw the artwork for this game, I knew I was going to get it. What I didn’t know was how amazing it would be. As soon as the game started the unique artwork captivated me but it was the touching story and the talented storytelling that makes this a wonderful experience. While it did build off a popular idea, it simply used it as a jumping board. Session by session I had little idea of where the story was going but was always pleasantly surprised. I won’t be giving any spoilers here but it really felt like this was someone’s passion project. Thanks for making it. I loved experiencing every second of this wild and weird story you created. I can’t wait to see what you come out with next. Norco - Part 1 A Sad Beginning - YouTube

Had a real fun time with this game. Good environment, great colors, good music, and an overall creepy story. Give it a play. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Watch out for the butcher ;)

Ah! A 1920 murder mystery game? Im in! Loved playing it and really enjoyed the artwork.

Great creepy game for sure. Be sure to download it and play it for yourself. There are secrets to

be found here.

Dawwwwww :3 What a wholesome game! Great artwork and style. Loved playing it.

Great atmosphere. Had me jumping at all the right times :)

Teleporting evil spirit chases me down! Why cant they ever be nice spirits :/

Takes a bit for things to ramp up but check out the game play!

Ooof....the unique environment mixed with the feeling of existential dread had me from the beginning. Well done!

Awesome maze/horror/PSX style game. Had fun playing!

Awwww I felt so important! How could I say no!

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Fun stuff! Reminds me of how I started my first hobby during the lockdown.

A cool point and click horror game with fun puzzles and a great ambiance. Without a doubt, a must play! I love the style and artwork.

Fun stuff! cant wait to see what else you put out!

Damn Bruno, if this is what you do for your school assignment I cant wait to see what else you put out! Excellent use of sound and tension in this game. I had a blast playing it.

This is one of those games where you can just grab a cup of tea and enjoy a wonderful narrative. It’s got great art, great music, and nice animation. What a fun time and great atmosphere. Please make more! 😊

Fun teaser demo. Spooky vibes for sure!

Good stuff! It looks amazing and I hope to see a larger game made from this. Totally worth the time to see the detail of the house and the outside environment. Really adds to the spooky at


Due to the fact I’m an idiot, I chose this game thinking it was a horror game. Turns out it was an “hour long melancholy, point-and-click narrative mystery game.” It was such an AMAZING story and such a wonderful experience I decided to make a new playlist just for games like this. I never did anything this long before completely unprepared, but it was so good I wasn’t going to stop. I sincerely hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I did playing it. Do yourself a favor. Make some tea, cuddle up in your warmest blanket, purchase this game and have yourself an enjoyable

time. If the devs ever see this, damn you for pulling on my heart strings and making me feel….also please make more…..

First day at a new job. Don't even know what the company does. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING THAT'S WHAT!

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An amazing spooky game with scares that even got me jumping! Cant wait for the full game. It's going to be amazing!

Full playthrough of an amazing and unique horror game. Cant wait to see more and hear more of the story!

Hope your ready for a beach party to end all beach parties! You just gota out wit some edlritch abominations to get there, no biggie.

The struggle is real! Gota upload! Gota make content! Gota stay on top!!!! Or just go back to bed. Both are good.

A full play-through. Very fun game with clever puzzles. Some that change with each play-through.

This game was a butt load of fun.