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8-Bit Warframe

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Thanks, I'll take a look and see if I can find out what's going wrong :) 

Thanks, I'll look into those :) 

Options menu in the main menu or when in-game? 

Is it literally any keyboard input, at literally any time, that causes crashes? 

Glad you're enjoying it! :D

Fixed some issues that Linux users were having with launching the game

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You shall not pass!

Added endless defense mission

Mmmm, tasty

Lockers and enemies now drop health and energy pickups

The cameraman has been fired

Reduced camera jitter/wobbly pixels

That is the sound of inevitability...

Added positional audio (sounds get quieter as you move away from them, and louder as you get closer)

Unleash the horde

AI performance improvements allowing for well over 1000 enemies (we'll probably never have that many, but this also means that the game will run better in general, especially on lower-end hardware)

Nerf this!

Supra Crewmen have been significantly nerfed: their damage has been halved, and they now fire in 5-round bursts (with a new charge-up sound effect)

Known Issues

Enemies occasionally can't work out what to do so just stand there

Game crashes when tabbing out of fullscreen mode

Found another issue? Post it in the bug reports forum!

Many thanks to DanielTheDemon for showing off this update over on Twitch!
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Avalanche has actually been disabled in the next build anyway, since we're reworking it to feel a lot more epic! (and hopefully that'll fix the bugs as well)

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It's honestly been so long since the last release that I can't remember everything that's been changed but here's the major stuff:

I feel the need, the need for speed

OpenGL is now used for rendering, which should mean the game runs faster on lower end systems

Where'd I put my x-ray goggles?

Enemies can no longer detect you through walls and other solid objects

There's no escape!

Enemies will now attack you after you've respawned (unlike before, where apparently Frost's body was so mangled that they didn't even recognise him as a threat)

Known Issues

AI for ranged enemies is derpy

Found another issue? Post it in the bug reports forum!