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Or buy a C64 Mini.

I did actually figure out how to get it to work. I used VICE and created a blank .d82 image, mounted on device #10. I used CBMCommander v2.3 in VICE then mounted DISK1 & DISK2 of Pains n Aches on device #8 & #9 then used CBMCommander to copy both disk contents to the single .d82. Worked like a charm and will probably work with all multi-disk games as long as there are no duplicate filenames. The beauty of using VICE is that 'warp mode' copied everything in an instant. I renamed the .d82 to the original .d64 filename so as not to lose my freeze states.

Any chance you can make a single multi-disk (d84) version for C64 mini users? I bought this game and am now prompted to flip the disk, which can't be done on a C64 mini. Grrrr......

Almost finished with Knight 'n' Grail... Have to have my C64 fix!

Love this game! First game in many years that's actually keeping me interested enough to play it. Hope to see a sequel! Thanks for all the hard work and creativity!