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8&16 Bits Marvel Machines

A member registered Sep 04, 2021

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In your honor a full game play. Congrats !

A NES game ?

Really, it is an outsatnding game. Applauses to you !

Awesome game ! Congrats Vhzc.

A really great game !!! Congrats.

Nice game !

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Nice game !

And that is the golden point of your game. Excellent !

Great Andrew ! You did it again.

Awesome game !

Nice game !!

Awesome game Rafel ! Receive our sincere congrats. Best wishes !!

Hi Ben ! My sincere congrats ! One question I got level 50 and then screen stuck in black screen and couldn´t continue playing it. Is there an error to load the game ?Far apart from this question. Your version is a master piece. Greetings.

Awesome game !!!

Andrew, congrats ! It´s a really nice game. A video of your game in your honor.

Very good !

Derek, you really rocks !! 

Nice game ! In your honor a full game play video.

Awesome version for VIC 20

Congrats Derek ! Awesome port.

Nice game !

Thanks MisterPix. You really rocks ! Keep safe. Greetings.

The sound tracks are great ! Here is a video in your honor.

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Awesome game !!! This 3.2 version is awesome.

Congrats MisterPix ! your game is better than ever !

Nice game !

You use ZX Spectrum pallete in your games. That´s cool. Let me tell you your games are really pretty playable and the music rocks too. Congratulations ! A video in your honor.

Nice game !

Difficult and excellent game. Cool !

Nice game and concept ! 

Your game is pretty awesome ! My sincere congrats !

Interesting ! Keep on doing your best.

PC game.

Excellent game ! I didn´t miss colors for nothing.

Please Sloanysoft, upload the file to play the game and I can make a video of your game for publishing your art. Thanks in advance.

Pretty nice version !! Arcade mode is very challenging. Good !

Excuse me, one question is this game belong VIC20, Atari 2600, MSX ?

Awesome port !!

Great game !!