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this would make a cool dungeon based roguelike!

woah this is cool

just realized how and i now love it

im confused on how exactly you play this game

This game is amazing.

i love online musical toys like these

This is the definitive version of Columns.

Okay! Thank you!

how is that even possible

Amazing game! I wish there was more quality games like this in the Star Fox style.

Cool game! I love the art style!


I love the game! Can you buy actual cartridges of it, or is that just the cover on a Famicom cartridge?

loved the ps1 game, and this is a amazing demake!

This game is one of my favorite puzzle games.

super puzzle fighter is one of my favorite games, so this is amazing!

it would be the perfect mobile game!

i love this game, but im crap at it. haha...

this is  super cool! here's my song. its pretty short, but here it is:


Great puzzle game!

cool game!

great game!

thats the same vibe i got

Amazing puzzle game!