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that might have just been the mods, did you just try playing without mods?

really fun, got a high score of 474,480 used a strategy of flying upwards to about 10000 altitude of 15000 fuel, and then spinning really really fast to get tons of points from just spinning, then land on a gold, you need all of the fuel left to slow down and then land, its a pretty fun strategy

Its probably just to add another aspect to how challenging Erikir is, the way gameplay works there is significantly different than on Serpulo, also the erikir power lasers have way more range than the classic ones. Lore wise, what you said would make sense.


me when coroutines are a gameplay mechanic O:

this is the best and most scary horror game I've ever played

the writing was 10/10

the graphics and sound were above anything I've ever seen in even triple A games

the atmosphere was simply phenomenal and really added to the experience

must play for every single human on the planet

the first chunk of my chip is the part that handles the addressing, it sends the write signal (if on) to the currently selected memory section, I actually made an 8 bit memory chip with 8 memory addresses in Logisim and I'd recommend that if you want to do larger or more complex projects (although you can still totally do it in this)

it was fun and also a cube

upgraded it to a 2 bit memory chip! with both 2 bits of addressing and 2 bits of data at each!

I made a 1 bit memory chip :O (has 2 addresses 1/0 which can each store 1 bit, and then a 3rd input is for switching between writing [0] and reading [1])

very cool game/app!

fun game, has a lot of progression especially if you build a base

yo this is epic


2 boosts + gravity = instant death

the game is really interesting with such simple yet at the same time complex mechanics, really fun puzzle game!

played the entire trilogy, really fun and comical puzzle/adventure game, especially the third one, found all the secrets!


there is actually a mod for regular mindustry that replaces the music with the classic music (this game's music)

we have power nodes which are a million times better, why would you want the power lasers back?

cool game, there wasn't much lore/progression though and the end was kinda anticlimactic, overall it's a good concept

really cool game, I wish there was more progression, such as maybe more resources and an end goal of something like building a hyperdrive to escape the asteroid belt, the art style looks good

laser sight best + bouncy = gamer

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mouse wheel / scrolling

the game is a good tycoon, but it would be interesting to add more controls to the reactor, such as control rods, water/steam flow, etc.

tidal wave 2: the sequel: orb.

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Absolutely incredible game/story, the gameplay blends in super well with the story so it feels like you're actually fighting battles in the story instead of just playing a game with a really good story, and the story itself is (in my opinion) at the level of a professionally made book (not saying this wasn't professionally made, wouldn't be surprised if it was) and I would absolutely pay for the full release, even the state currently. Amazing job, one of the best stories I've read in a while. (got ending 2)