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Where the fuck is the generator.

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Yeah, but you didnt, you took a pinch of salt from the story and called it 


You tried - you made it insufferably confusing for where the objective should be. Maybe my fault...... maybe yours

Its something - but it lacks everything. There is no captivation of the original concept; which is one i adore as a horror story. I like that you appreciate it as well, but for those who dont know it, this is true sabotage.

please - god please - make another game 

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1,000-x Worse than State Park; I liked State Park- solid story and simulator. I liked the ability to click on your own to proceed dialogue (plus) - but the neglected/poor backrooms reference and meagre lack luster tasks for no reason is a game kill. Enemy was boring - story was bleak and bland. Gameplay was non-existent. You want to be SCP and Backrooms and everything analogue at once - Youre taking too big a bite out of your passions instead of refining what you like. 

This games story telling/story fucking sucks - im sorry but my honest opinion

So I have to buy the collection?