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There is a Berlin-based store that usually carries US imports: , might be an option :firgerscrossed:

Pleeease do a second print run of the zine! I totally missed this and it is absolutely fantastic!

No worries! Hope that they fix the issue soon

Hi Tim, the POD version is no longer available, have you disabled it or is it a problem of DriveThru?


Yes, what I usually do to print a zine is arrange the pages into booklet format (using pdfbook), so that when I print it out I just have to fold it and stable it, and it's ready to go. If a sheet has two pages in it, it is impossible.

Hi! I'm from Europe, so that's going to be extremely expensive, that's why I wanted to print it out myself.

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I'm liking it and it is very easy to use!!

Could you please add a single page version? I would like to print it out in booklet format.