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I'm with Sirus here. The visuals are wonderful, but the actual game I feel is lacking. The mechanics for turning and facing a specific sun feels sloggy and difficult, and besides that its quite simple and boring.

Really interesting! It was kind of simple, but in a nice way, as well as the scene felt very fun. All the people walking around, the fun animations, people running away from you - it made a nice tone.

Its interesting and has a lot of style, though sometimes the movement felt inconsistent and the levels themselves were a bit strange.

Pretty good, overall it seems very well made. Solid mechanics more or less, there were some interesting bits of feedback with the shooting, though some aspects were unclear about shooting with colors, and how much damage i needed to do to enemies. A break wouldve been nice too, even a few seconds, and/or an option to get upgrades or something similar.

Pretty solid in general, in terms of gameplay. It's a bit bland visually, and wasnt quite clear where to go the first go around, but overall pretty good.

By far the best game,  just needs some difficulty balancing.

I suggest trying it again! I've changed some stuff.

I suggest trying it again! I've changed some stuff.

Uhhh, well okay then.

Well. Its aesthetically pleasing. So there's that.

Its so slow that its a bit tedious. It has a nice aesthetic, but its painful to play.

It's pretty nice and simple; the only issue is the aiming. The bullet doesnt go in the direction you click, which becomes super misleading and annoying.

Pretty simplistic, I would like to see maybe more skill aspects, right now theres not much involved. But the graphical style and sounds really help to tie it together into a more satisfying experience.

It's so stupidly simple, it has no meaningful gameplay, there is no goal nor objective really, no end condition, nothing to score, etc.

And yet it's extremely satisfying to look at and play.

Satisfying to look at, simple to play; but is a bit too boring for my tastes.

Simple but fun game. I found myself hitting lightbulbs quite a few times and waiting to get back to it. Eventually its so fast it kinda gets a tad boring and less difficult, but ultimately really neat.

Cool concept, it felt a bit weird/floaty how you kind of... well floated there when shooting. It just kinda felt weird, I think I would've liked something with a bit more physics/velocity to feel like theres more forces going around, and shooting bullets causing forces to affect yourself and others would be neat.

Pretty interesting. Neat and simple concept.

Cool idea, the on release keeps fucking me up though. Having more than one box active at a time would be fun. (If thats not a thing, I didnt get far enough to see)

Definitely original. I got war flashbacks though.

Very well made. It's fun, it's simple, it has a really nice aesthetic. Being stuck with one dash seems unfortunate though, a way to build up dashes more seems like it would help (a special enemy that gives you double?). Overall very fun though.

Definitely sticks to the theme, gameplay is a bit glitchy and just kinda boring though.


Just really fun. It's so stupidly simple, but done in a really nice way. The shapes are so simplistic and clear there's no guessing whats happening once you've seen the enemy once. Which leads to solid gameplay and thoughts behind your actions. Even the simple 2d over 3d with shadows just has a very appealing look.

It's simple and fun, exactly what it should be. If I had suggestions it would just be tweaks and general improvements, more enemies, etc.

Nifty idea and I really like the concept. The execution was a bit more lacking for me personally. I would've rather something like this have lives, and be a little faster. There also wasnt much stopping me from just joyriding the bottom, the AI never followed me down there and I only had to go up when a obstacle was coming.

I'd rather see a version without the big flappy-bird style obstacles, where the focus is on trying to stay up while shooting enemies, that's where I had a lot of fun. Trying to dodge enemy shots while bouncing at the right time to shoot my own.

Interesting but very basic. I'm not sure why the shooting mechanic exists at all, I didn't seem to be able to do anything with it. The movement speed is insane, I can hardly even see my player most the time, much less control them. My only hope was standing still and tapping to dodge. It's nice, but very barebones.

Definitely an interesting take. Really nice looking graphics and sounds, ignoring the few bugs I found it has a lot of polish visually. Looks to be pretty solidly made. However I felt the gameplay was lack-luster, it wasn't bad - but it wasn't anything particularly special. The drops from enemies was neat, and that added some flavor for sure, but outside of that it felt very much like a grind fest.

Pretty good, basic but fun. Was confused though, thought the green bar at the top right was my health. It wasn't anything revolutionary, but it got the job done.

Crazy amount of bullets, just confusing in general. Nothing is explained really, works as a base idea, but not so much as a game.

Initially was super confused because I couldn't even see the enemies. Everything's scale is super small, which also makes it super hard to play, along with the enemy bullets practically blending in with the background.

Good use of music and sound, it was a good jam to listen to, there's just not much gameplay to be had outside the general premise. It fits the theme perfectly though.