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I'm going to try it, seems cool!


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DiveDeep, for now I have stoped of doing games but I expect to continue on any holiday at the middle of the year, thanks for the feedback, and I will play yours, who knows if after we can make a project together? Good luck and hope to see you again!

Thanks, I will improve that

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic Thanks Papadar
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Papadar, 11 days ago I asked you about courses of programation, apps, eatvolve... Now I am proud to say that I did my first game on GMS 2 (and god it is difficult hehe), and it is publicated at, the link is that one and I hope that not just you but everyone that wants to play enjoy's it, and I am very thankfull that you helped me on finding apps and courses, thanks!

oh, good!

Thanks Papadar :)

Thanks papadar

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic Other question

Thanks for answering me papadar, but which app do you recomend me to do pixel arts like graphics and characters?

Papadar have you did all the graphics of the game (the clouds, the subterrain water fall...)or you buyed or got them somewhere? If you buyed or got somewhere, where did you got because I am learning how to do plataform games.

Ok, thanks ;)

ok thanks

oh ok

oh ok now i understand

papadar what programation course do you recomend for someone that is starting on game programming?

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic Graphic Bugs

I love the graphics but when it crashes it's bad :

Here is the printscreen:

Eatvolve 0.7.79

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic Out of the Map

Guys I got at the top of the tree and then I flew away as a flying squirrel, then I got here after like 1 minute flying:

Were it a bug?

(I cant put the print here)

Hi guys, I was playing eatvlove version 0.7.79 and when I press T apears many birds, when I press G I turn myself into a Squirrel, F Into a Frog and C into a Fire Frog. Can someone help me of what happened? If it is a bug?

papadar, i am from Brazil do you have some idea of when eatvolve will be completed? and about how can I make the update when eatvolve were done? :)

It is incridible! thanks papadar!