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really nice puzzles, music, and graphics ^^

saw this concept a few times this jam but the presentation - especially the HUD in the top right - helped it stand out and feel a lot better to me.

thank you so much for the praise ;w;

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i thought the art was really nice, and the concept was strong too - i think if it was fleshed out a little more it could be a really neat game c:

my entry -

thank you for playing c:

this is so good i cant wait for the full version

really liked the aesthetics of the dream worlds

i think there are feelings in here that only queers who grew up and lived in a shitty hollowed out shell of a dying industrial town could understand. thank you for making this ;;

wormer when they use the shield be like


This took a darkly funny idea to something that made me genuinely upset. Really well done.

I loved this. Thank you.

wow i really hate these dudes. amazing artwork too.

Thank you for sharing something so personal and beautiful. Thank you for giving form to feelings that I’ve had too.

This is such a clever and creative idea for a stealth game! I loved it. I felt so bad ignoring my friend though xD

Your games are always impressive but this one especially I loved even though its just a small thing. Feeling the small precious moments of life from the memories then contributing my own made me wish a real shop like this existed. Conceptually it reminded me of Popcannibal’s Kind Words. The music was also especially lovely and relaxing.

Cool prototype. Simple little concept but still fun to try and beat. :)

I thought the graphics/sprites were really impressive! I also liked the music but it was a bit loud like the other comment said. I think you did a really good job of giving an impression of this world/the situation without so much lines/dialogue. I wanna see more!

Also I think I found a bug in the 2nd block sliding room when I reset it I couldn’t move any blocks any more and had to reload my save data.

Thank you for making it :)

I’m always in awe at your renpy powers. This was so clever!!

I really connected with this. It feels really close to feelings I had around high school and growing up and being a kid with the internet as my main outlet. Thank you for making it!

i really enjoyed this! the design sense for the characters was really phenomenal, not to mention the unique emotional journey. congrats on such a good first game!!!

Thank you!!!

i really enjoyed this, especially all the endings coming back at the true end. i thought it was really impressive how fully formed your story was and how many words and pictures you managed to make during the time limit too!

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i really loved the presentation in this! i think the only problem i really had was sometimes the text strained my eyes a little with how all the blacks and greys blend together. i think it would help to have a text box, even just a slightly transparent one.

Thank you!!

i really enjoyed this! i thought the writing was excellent, i really enjoyed the prose. the concept and setting combined with a young girl having to learn some difficult life lessons reminded me a lot of ghibli.

there’s a bug in the linux version where it won’t quit. pressing escape brings up the prompt but the Y and N keys don’t do anything.

i enjoyed this so much! the art style was so cute and i kept laughing at lum’s expressions and reactions. i got emotional when donating blood too and actually used the stop button at first. i think it’s really amazing the game could make me feel that anxiety even though its not “real”.

i want to be gakuto’s friend.

thank you so much for your kind words!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you so much ;;