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Dungeon Nightmares community · Created a new topic Not Bad

my video,as a trialer.Except that the operation is not very convenient.

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it's difficult to play on Android i think.maybe you could turn up the brightness of the flashlight on Android version.

when i played this game, i was glad that i have a second brain.

when I saw it close to me on the monitor,i fired,but it doesn't work.i am not sure the alien is truly close to me.Then i died.

I hope there will be even a little noise when it approaches me.

the game is good,but it's not for me

the game is short.The scariest thing is the appearance of the dog.

what the hell?enter password?

The game still needs to be improved, and there is still more room for improvement.

thanks for your developing.

I just tried out the game.

just trialer


yes,it's interesting.thank,your game short but scared me..

nice game

i really like it.

This game is really interesting.

I like it very much.

Sometimes you can always get a surprise by opening the door


It is difficult to control the field of the vision.

full gameplay

nice game