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Acerbic, cutting, and raw. I particularly enjoyed the gleeful impalement of the silicon valley corporate social responsibility feel-good bullshit, exposing how it is just exploitation with a veneer of wholesome.

why not

Gosh, I love this story so much. It's such a beautiful allegory of the trans experience; the harshness of social dysphoria, the strictures of religion, the imposition of gender performance by white colonialist history, the good and bad parts of the trans community, and more. ALSO THE ART IS WONDERFUL AND I ADORE THE STYLE!!! Not gonna lie, I had tears in my eyes through most of it.

We did get there in the end!

I think reading about others' experiences helps so this is my small way of letting people they might not be alone and that people like us exist :)

Yeah that's exactly why I wanted to come leave this comment. <3 Thank you.

Hi Sammy, I enjoyed reading this! It was cute, short, and sweet; I read it as a diary entry of sorts. My discovery of my demisexuality was pretty similar, a bit more fraught but also during lockdown. :) I too have spent most of my transition indoors, came-out-during-lockdown gang!

This poem is beautiful and sad and tragic and yet makes me feel good because at the end the trans man takes a stance and by god sometimes I feel like taking that stance as well. Goddamn.

When my friend told me the creator of SKEAL is making another game, I knew I just had to get in on the fun! My body has never felt readier to play this game. But I have to wait. Oh well.