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Fuck the War on Drugs. This is essential material for the War WITH Drugs.

Man I LOVE “Flesh, The”!!! Great name, great description, would love/hate to encounter it out in the desert!

Sounds wild and I AM HERE FOR IT

4d20 Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic 6 Days Left!

Six days left in the jam, get your 4d20’s in!

Hi all,

If you want to discuss 4d20 stuff, random tables, sample-based RPGs, or what-have-you, come on over to our small and friendly Discord server:

Head over to NoiseSansSignal blog and checkout a cool little random generator that Kya made, pulling together all the 4d20 tables from the STATIONS site.

It generates really neat stuff, and cool to see everything all mashed up!

I love this, and that graphic is amazing!

Would it be possible to also include a version without image behind the text? The contrast and image makes it pretty difficult to read, and I’d love to have a more accessible version. Could just be a simple PDF of a table, or a Markdown file.


Grids. Remix. Wander. Wonder.

ROLL up a WICKED CURSE or A HUNDRED! Scary and vile and oh damn did they really?!?

Awesome!!! What system are you gonna play it with?

Amazing metal psychadelian chaotic evil/goodness!

Utterly amazing, can’t wait to pass some players through these mysteries

If you buy only one Death Grips-inspired collection of Troika backgrounds this year … WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Seriously though, this is a great set of backgrounds, with layout and art that is evocative, compelling and impactful, while remaining totally usable. A near-perfect blend of aesthetic impact and useful layout.

Now comes the hard part … do I play as someone with a molotov cocktail, or a hypno-taser, or a System Blower skilled in Ghost Fighting, or… or… or…

Another excruciating dilemma of Late Capitalism.

This is awesome!

I don't even see the option to pay to download, I just see the description.

Looks awesome, but I don't see a download?

Awesome, thanks for making this!

Had the pleasure of playtesting this, it's great!