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Hi 4d20-ers!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve published our first 4d20 zine!

It’s called “Some Sample(d) Strangers”, and has 10 4d20 tables for creating cool characters from music samples, and Evlyn Moreau remixed and illustrated a character for each table.

To say THANKS for participating in YE 4d20 JAM OF OLDE, we’d like to give you 20% off the zine (in digital or physical form).

Just use code “4d20-is-life” at check out when you pick up the zine!

Check it out, and ROLL HIGH

cheers, Adam

This is such an amazing resource, I want to run a total gonzo session with these characters.

This is great!

Awesome idea and a fantastic execution, this is the space slacker game I didn’t know I needed!

Should be fixed thanks for letting me know!

oh, very weird! trying to get to the bottom of it now!

thank you!

An amazing cyber-punk game and resource!

This was absolutely wonderful, ran a group through this with my homebrewed system for generating washed-out weirdos, and we had a blast! Thanks for such a great setting!

This is great! So much flavor in these islands!

This is going to be so truly excellent, thanks for the preview!

Hi all,

Thanks again for your participation in the 4d20 jam! I was blown away by all the great submissions.

Wanted to let you know about a project I’m currently Kickstarting, to write 100 RPG classes based on music references submitted by backers.

It’s called Make 100 Bastards and is already fully funded, but has a bunch of cool stretch goals including a new 4d20 table!

If you enjoy music-powered strangeness, take a look!

Thanks, Adam STATION

looks totally f-d in the best way

Love this sick god

This is an awesome character sheet, perfect for your DCC adventures!

Forget AI-created art! It’s time for AI Gods!! An awesome table for creating pre-post-modern AI deities!

Awesome collection of weird stuff!

​Awesome characters for Bastionland and other weird city games, super creative and usable!

Fuck the War on Drugs. This is essential material for the War WITH Drugs.

Man I LOVE “Flesh, The”!!! Great name, great description, would love/hate to encounter it out in the desert!

Sounds wild and I AM HERE FOR IT

4d20 Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic 6 Days Left!

Six days left in the jam, get your 4d20’s in!

Hi all,

If you want to discuss 4d20 stuff, random tables, sample-based RPGs, or what-have-you, come on over to our small and friendly Discord server:

Head over to NoiseSansSignal blog and checkout a cool little random generator that Kya made, pulling together all the 4d20 tables from the STATIONS site.

It generates really neat stuff, and cool to see everything all mashed up!

I love this, and that graphic is amazing!

Would it be possible to also include a version without image behind the text? The contrast and image makes it pretty difficult to read, and I’d love to have a more accessible version. Could just be a simple PDF of a table, or a Markdown file.


Grids. Remix. Wander. Wonder.

ROLL up a WICKED CURSE or A HUNDRED! Scary and vile and oh damn did they really?!?

Awesome!!! What system are you gonna play it with?

Amazing metal psychadelian chaotic evil/goodness!

Utterly amazing, can’t wait to pass some players through these mysteries

If you buy only one Death Grips-inspired collection of Troika backgrounds this year … WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Seriously though, this is a great set of backgrounds, with layout and art that is evocative, compelling and impactful, while remaining totally usable. A near-perfect blend of aesthetic impact and useful layout.

Now comes the hard part … do I play as someone with a molotov cocktail, or a hypno-taser, or a System Blower skilled in Ghost Fighting, or… or… or…

Another excruciating dilemma of Late Capitalism.

This is awesome!

I don't even see the option to pay to download, I just see the description.

Looks awesome, but I don't see a download?

Awesome, thanks for making this!

Had the pleasure of playtesting this, it's great!