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This is so good! Definitely will give the full game a try when I get the chance.

Very neat concept! :D

Even though it's just a silly little PICO-8 game, this is one of my favorite games of all time. I just really like it.

Very lovely game. :) I got the "happy ending". I wish I got the True Ending that people are talking about; this ending may be happy, but it's not good - it's all fake. But, I don't know how to get it, or if I'll have to play through the whole thing again...

Finally beat it! This game is to die for. (You have to put that on the Steam page now.) I felt bad after killing my sibling. The boss fight was really really fun though! I also absolutely love the Queen Bee boss fight. The unique mechanics in both of them were super duper fun to play around and use to my advantage. Very good game, definitely wishlisting on steam :]

The jumping feels good, and I like the art! :]

I definitely think the camera should be zoomed out a lot more - the way it is now, there are a lot of blind jumps where your destination is off-screen.

No, but you can eat the bombs to prevent them from getting destroyed.

Good game!

Loved this game so much!!! I love all of the characters so much, it was so lovely getting to know them. Numa and Kyungsoon's relationship is so adorable, Sean's song was lovely I loved it, was such a delight to hear it at the end credits. (wonder if I might cover it some day!). I also liked Elija's poem :] the Everything Slam was wonderful. Natalie is great, she might be my favorite. Also Numa. Everything is very gay and transgender also. And Natalie is aromantic! Also, very large amount of puns! Pawsitively purfect :3

This was such a special experience. I'll surely remember this for a long time. <3

I was so excited when I saw that there was a sequel to Tricky Keys! Really cool and interesting mechanic, I wasn't expecting the game's gimmick to be totally different this time around but despite that it still feels like a sequel to Tricky Keys :]

I'm in the backrooms

That's adorable. Fun game!

In the room with the fireplace/jack-o-lantern (I think it's the living room?) there's something hidden behind the painting on the wall.

This game is special to me.  <3

Just found this game, so lovely and adorable!! I've never played a Touhou game, so this was really tough for me, but it was so fun and cute. ^w^

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If you don't shoot at his phone hands attack, and just let him crawl towards you, you can go behind him, and avoid everything by tanking one hit.

it's an attack die that starts with 1 damage, but upgrading it just once makes it 6 damage

i obtained the holy poop die

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The text is unbearably slow. I killed sans and have been sitting here for at least fifteen minutes. I like the attacks though.

Not sure if I died or won.

Oh, ok, thanks!

I made all the utterflies happy :]

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Team Bugulon, you're a gem. Loved the final boss. Super fun, awesome design. Is there a reason the last level is, uh

littered with corpses?

"Hm, this game is pretty long I'm on level 46. Lemme check how many levels there are- OH MY GOD."

I really wish there was an undo button. I like the game though.

Uh. That was like ten seconds. I clicked three buttons, jumped around a bit, and now there's just nothing to do.

I pressed Q and everything went black.

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I think it's been more than a few days :berdlyfunny:

fnf fans when they see a person named Julia (if you replace the J with a P, the U with an I, the L with a C and the I with an O, and then remove the A, it's Pico, so it's a fnf reference)

it works yes

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I'm pretty sure I've got sunburnt down, but I have zero idea who Baby Bell could be. Only hint seems to be that their mentor is Smoking Elvis.

EDIT: lol omg

Oh, ok, thanks!

I can no longer possess things for some reason? The possession animation begins, but then I immediately get booted out of the thing I'm trying to possess. The enemy then becomes dizzy.

Thanks! That worked.

I can't figure out what the select button is. Can't enter the controls menu because I have to select it.

Why do I die from filling the wealth bar?

I refreshed the page and didn't do anything outside of the game window and was able to start it

How do I use my tongue? The game only tells me how to move and look.

What an adorable little mushroom person! I hope everything goes well for you in development! :)

Just finished getting all the sushi! Only half a year late to play this game.

Can't wait for the full game! (If it hasn't been abandoned. Using the word "abandoned" feels rude but I can't think of another word. I have no rude intent in this message.)