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Forgot to put a video. Not much commentary, just me playing decently fast.

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That's an arm, not a penis.

The art style is very nice. Great work.

I like the art!

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Also, I'm waiting for Speedrun.com to reply to me so we can get this game a page on there.
I don't mean to brag, but cough my time is pretty fast.

Edit: The game has been accepted! 
Here's the link

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I love this game

Really nice.

Created a new topic Comments?

Post what you think should be added/ removed from the game. 

I'm all ears to what everyone has to say.

Amazing job!

Nice work!

I didn't know it was on Itch.io :O

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6 new skins have been created by RACOONY on Steam.

These are the first of (hopefully) many to be added to the actual application.

Created a new topic Alternate Skins
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"Are new skins going to be added?"

Yes, eventually I'll make some. What ones do you want?