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An amazing game, thank you for making it!

It's really good nugget gold of a story, thank you very much !

Thank you for this beautiful  game. I have tried different methode of meditation, none of them stick until now : i am actually impatient to get in front of my PC to do it xD Do you still have plans for androids ? I would love to be able to use it out of my home (ended up using the same methode but with pen and paper x) )

In anycase thank you so much !

A beautiful and well written game ! The images are really evocative and WOOF did i felt Alec in the deepth  of my soul -no pun intended.  I am a basic symp for a more tender take on Lucifer in general and OH BOY does this Prince takes the cake ! Thank you so much for this experience !

Just finished and definitely going to replay it to get the other endings ! xD

If you're in a mood for  3/4h of funny and clever writting, puzzle just hard enough to frown once or twice but not much more in a nice point and click gameplay with little sparkle of doom : just take the game. Go on. Dew it ;) 

Thank you so much to the team ! Can't wait to explore more of the univers and see this dynamic duo of goofballs again on the next chapters !

It's a neat and nostalgic experience, well done and endearing ! A short and funny experience !


Thank you for this fun and heart warming experience ! 

A short game that will make you feel like you went on a trip, for all the goofs and the deeps, with well written characters.

Thank you for this beautiful experience.

The art and voice acting are stellar, the characters and overall story are compelling and worth of your time. Plus, the protagonist is well defined, and their experience also adresses mental health issues, in a way that hit way too close to home is very interesting, and personally comforted and helped me.

10/10 would recommend this 8 hours experience if you only do one route, but if you want to experience all the characters to their fullest, and the story in different ways you can easily double (maybe triple ? I dunno math) this length. 

A very poetic and so well drawn game that's worth your time. I can't say for sure what you will take of it, but i am sure it will resonate with you. 
Thank you for this game <3